Steam Content Server Tester


Hier findest du alle Neuigkeiten und Fortschritte zu unserem Steam Content Server Tester.

Aktuelle Version : ALPHA 18d56






Here you see all news and progress stats to our Steam Content Server Tester.

Current version : ALPHA 18d56






VersionReleas noteReleasdate
AlPHA 18d56Added many new stuff (see change log)10. March 2018
ALPHA 16d260cFirst version16. September 2016
ALPHA 16d276bFirst releas version2. October 2016
ALPHA 16d308aAdded Africa + more server Europe3. November 2016
ALPHA 16d332bAdded launcher + more server Europe27. November 2016
ALPHA 16d360aAdded Settings25. December 2016
ALPHA 17d35b--
AlPHA 17d143eAdded new Launcher 03. June 2017
AlPHA 17d276cAdded Australia (complete) 02. October 2017